Debt stinks.

Don’t you hate it? Do you worry about getting out of debt constantly? Feel like you can’t escape it? What about your spouse? Ever argue about it?

You are not alone.

Most couples are in debt. And most think getting out of debt – without tearing each other’s heads off – sounds impossible. But we’ve helped couples-just like you-get out of debt and improve their marriage too. We also have the personal experience of digging ourselves out of debt.

It’s not just about getting out of debt. It’s about doing it together. What good is getting debt-free, if you can’t stand each other once the last payment is made?

Get out of debt while you invest in your relationship and you’ll both feel healthier and wealthier.

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Get money personality know howReady to get out of debt together? Start by understanding both of your Money Personalities. Some personalities are more likely to acquire debt than others, some hate the thought of debt, and some don’t mind. Does that mean some people are doomed? No!

But you can’t solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

Identify your strengths and your stumbling blocks  and learn how to work through them – together.

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Debt Calculator

Debt calculatorDebt stinks. But it’s not the end of the world.

You can AND WILL chip away at that number until it’s gone. (Resist the urge to chip away at your spouse in the process.)

You can lessen the pain of debt by reducing that big number into smaller chunks. We will email a link to the calculators that will help you.

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Ever wonder if getting a loan from your family is a good idea?  If it’s a good idea to get a store credit card? Or what impacts your credit score? Sign up to get the 6 Biggest Debt Myths series.  You will get one Myth video every 3 days right in your inbox – free.

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Stop The Debt Cycle Together
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One month free of Money UResearch shows “money” is the #1 cause of divorce, BUT understanding is the #1 way to improve your marriage.

How can you agree on getting out of debt when you come from different backgrounds, have different ideas about money, and … well, life is busy and expensive? We all could use a little help. We need:

  • Practical tools
  • Engaging teaching
  • Ways to get out of debt
  • A male and female perspective (so you both want to listen)
  • Convenient, at-home learning
  • Experts who’ve been there
  • Proven methods
  • High-tech, timely next steps
  • A new, financially-wise perspectiveMoney U for Couples
  • Encouragement, not shaming, and game-changing, scientific data specific to each person in the relationship, to improve our marriages


  • Move beyond scratching the surface and really get at the itch. Understand your unique viewpoints, strengths and weaknesses about debt and learn proven ways to create a healthy, wealthy future together.

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    Scott & Bethany Discussing More about Getting out of Debt