Money & Relationships

Yes, money and relationships really can mix!

Do you ever feel like money just causes problems in your relationship? Or even that money and relationships just don’t go together? You’re not alone. In fact, “money” is the #1 reason 70% of couples divorce. Unfortunately, more money does not = more happiness. But if more money isn’t the answer, what is?

The key is in understanding the unique ways you (and your spouse) approach money. When those approaches conflict or collide; tension, guilt, and damaging fights erupt. But you avoid that pain and build a healthier, wealthier relationship. You can make it happen!

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7 easy ways to fall in love all over again

Relationship assessment

Is your marriage feeling more frustrating than fun loving? Do the butterflies you once felt seem impossible to get back? Do you wish you felt closer and more connected to your spouse? It IS possible. And it’s easier than you think!

These 7 easy to do tips will help you reconnect with your spouse… even if it seems hopeless.

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Help! I Married My Money Opposite

5 ways to solve money conflicts so you can build a stronger relationship

Healthier, wealthier lifeThis value-packed FREE Webclass starts you on the path to a richer relationship! Pick a time that works for you. Seats are filling up FAST…

  • How Your Money Personality Combination Affects Your Marriage
  • Why you SHOULD compare your Money Personalities with Your Spouse and WHY your Differences Matter
  • Identify Your Opposite Dynamic Indicator – this is a game-changer!
  • Discover a SUCCESSFUL Money Communication System You Can Do TOGETHER

Your relationship is worth this very powerful (and entertaining) 45 minutes.

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Money Relationship Assessment

Relationship assessmentIs your relationship headed in the right direction?  Does your relationship need a little help, is it just fine, or are you going down a path that will lead to relationship strife?  Take the FREE (Confidential) Money Relationship Assessment to measure how well you and your mate are doing and get an idea of where you can improve.

Take 15 minutes and receive a confidential assessment on a scale of 1-100 to assess where your relationship stands when it comes to money. It’s not a contest. You’re already a winner because you care enough to see how you’re doing. Congratulations for Making it Happen!

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Anatomy of A Money Fight

Get this FREE infographic to put an end to fights about money – forever!! See how they start, why they hurt, the potential damage they cause, and how to stop them – forever. Visualize the whole, messy process like you’ve never seen it before. We’ll send the infographic to your inbox so TODAY you can put an end to hurt feelings and pain over money.

Research shows “money” is the #1 cause of divorce. Don’t be another statistic! Take steps to enjoy each other and the money you work so hard for.

INFOGRAPHIC: Anatomy of a money fight

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Love & Money Lifestyle System

What if money wasn’t the constant, underlying tension in your relationship? What would your relationship feel like if you never fought about money again? It IS possible! Our Love & Money Lifestyle System was specifically developed to show you exactly how to end money conflict in your relationship. This system teaches you how to understand yourself and your spouse in a whole new way, how to talk to your spouse about money… without fighting, and how to truly transform your relationship forever.

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