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Saving is like chocolate.
There’s never enough and it’s gone in a flash.

Do you wish you could save more? Without thinking about it every day? Do you wish your spouse thought cared about saving as much as you do ?  Do you argue about not having enough money?  How can you figure out an amount or create a plan that works for both of you?

It’s not just about the money. It’s about your future together. But what good will a pile of savings be or a huge nestegg if you feel like pushing your spouse out of the tree?

Find ways to save that work for both of you.

This page is loaded with tools to improve your savings and your marriage. You can make it happen!

Take the Free Money Personality Assessment

Get money personality know howWho doesn’t need an extra boost to their savings? Ready to improve it together? Start by understanding both of your Money Personalities. Some personalities are more likely to save than others. And some – it never crosses their mind. Does that mean some people are doomed? No!

But you can’t solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

Identify your strengths and your stumbling blocks when it comes to saving and learn how to work through them – together.

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Debt calculatorAre you curious where you stand with your short term needs, emergency funds or long-term future living needs?  Check out these  calculators that can get you on the right saving track.

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INFOGRAPHIC 10 Ways to Save

10 ways to saveWant some clever ways to save without spending a dime? Need some fresh inspiration? Not into making life miserable to save a buck? Access this infographic right away!

10 Ways to Save

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Discover the Secret to Saving:
14 Days FREE – value-packed Money U

One month free of Money UResearch shows “money” is the #1 cause of divorce, BUT understanding is the #1 way to improve your marriage.

How can you understand each other when you come from different backgrounds, have different ideas about money, and … well, life is so expensive? We all could use a little help. We need:

  • Practical tools
  • Engaging teaching
  • Secrets to saving
  • A male and female perspective (so you both want to listen)
  • Convenient, at-home learning
  • Experts who’ve been there
  • Proven methods
  • High-tech, timely next stepsMoney U for Couples
  • A new, financially-wise perspective
  • Encouragement, not shaming, and game-changing, scientific data specific to each person in the relationship, to improve our marriages

Move beyond scratching the surface and really get at the itch. Understand your unique differences and why you hate OR secretly love to save. Learn proven ways to create a healthy, wealthy future together. We need more than hopes for a fairy tale marriage. We need help to get on the same page.

Discover how to get on the same page with Money U. This fun and engaging module-based, multi-session course taught by financial advisors and husband and wife, The Money Couple, will change your relationship and financial future!

Try it out now and – for a limited time – get 14 Days FREE (Risk free–cancel anytime)

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Money Relationship Assessment
Confidential Relationship Test

Relationship assessmentSo you started saving, but it wasn’t easy. Fights, tension, some finger-pointing, stony silence, and misunderstandings. Saving is no picnic.

But learning how each person feels about money and saving – can save a marriage. Does your relationship need a little help, is it just fine, or are you going down a path that will lead to disaster? Take the FREE (Confidential) Money Relationship Assessment to measure how well you and your mate are doing and get an idea of where you can improve.

Take 15 minutes and receive a confidential assessment on a scale of 1-100 to assess where your relationship stands when it comes to money.

It’s not a contest. You’re already a winner because you care enough to see how you’re doing. Congratulations for Making it Happen!

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Scott & Bethany Discussing More about Saving Money as a Couple