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Speaking To Our Military: Do Your Money Personalities Matter?

We had the supreme opportunity to speak to a large group of our Armed Forces at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado about their Money Personalities. What a thrill!

To all our Armed Services Men and Women, we salute you! We are so thankful to live in this great country with an incredible military that defends our freedom!

speaking to our military

Imagine looking out over a sea of camouflage! People trained and willing to sacrifice for you and me. Since we aren’t used to a room filled with camouflage, our eyes played tricks on us throughout the whole presentation.

We were so impressed with this group of military personnel who took time out of their schedules to learn about Money Personalities, our Money Relationship, and the daily impact understanding these concepts has on our most important relationships.

Everyone has a personality–funny, serious, agreeable, a thrill seeker, cautious…

You also have two Money Personalities. Two natural ways you deal with money. They are as much a part of your DNA as your height or hair color.

It gets interesting-and challenging-because your approach to money is different from the person you are sitting next to, living with, or raising. Money decisions are daily and often emotional. So it helps to identify, define, and give your two, unique money approaches a name.

One soldier came up to us after the presentation and said,

“Now I understand why we fight…I can’t wait to show my wife how our Money Relationship can rock.”

Woohoo! He made our day.

Not sure what a Money Relationship is? Check out this video. Learn how:

  • Your Money Relationship differs from your Financial Planning
  • Knowing your Money Personalities creates a healthy, wealthy relationship

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If you don’t know what your Money Personalities are, click here to take our free Money Personalities Assessment. Then, pass the mouse to your spouse so they can take it too.

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