How do Your Money Personalities Impact Debt?
money personalities impact debt

Money Personalities affect not just how you approach money, but how you feel about it. No one loves debt, but some Money Personalities impact debt — and how much you worry about it — more than others. If you are a primary Saver or Security Seeker, debt worries may follow you around like a gloomy […]

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Accumulate Rainy-Day Cash to Fight Sudden Debt Attacks by Andy Masaki
accumulate rainy-day cash

Life is full of unforeseen twists and turns. You plan for something, and the exact opposite happens to you. Money problems can arise at any time. Sometimes when you least expect it. Expenses like school tuition, groceries, credit card, and utility bills are foreseeable. However, unfortunate events like storm damage to house, an accident, a […]

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