How To Score Unusual Scholarships

Whether you are investing in your own education or getting ready to support your kids going through college, we have some great tips for you to score some unusual scholarships! Did you know that most people go after very general scholarships when there are many unusual scholarships that many people overlook?  Make sure you do your […]

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Appy New Year! (That’s right) Money You Challenge #1: Apps for the best Money You

Stop Waiting. Today’s The Day. “New Money You” Challenge #1. Are you ready for the best Money You year ever? Start your year off right. (Don’t worry if it’s not January 1! Plenty of large corporations run their fiscal year counter to the calendar year. Now you do too!) CHALLENGE #1 — APPy New Year! Start […]

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3 Ways To Actually Keep Your Resolutions
ways to actually keep your resolutions

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions. The third most common resolution is to spend less and save more. However, only 10% actually keep that resolution. So the question is, “Should you even try to make financial resolutions? We say, “Absolutely!” Here are three ways to actually keep your resolutions and make your New Year, […]

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Trying to Keep Up With the Joneses?
keeping up with the joneses

Ok, we all ask ourselves — even Scott and I ask it — “Are we trying to keep up with the Joneses?” Whoever those Jones are, they seem to have nice stuff. Right? But let’s admit we’ve never seen their credit card statements at the end of the month either. Whenever you find yourself buying […]

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3 Ways to “Do Good” Together
donate to charity

Do you and your significant other have tension related to giving to charities? That’s right – giving. This is what we hear: “The fact that he gives the panhandler on the street corner $5 makes me nuts!” or this, “The fact that she just called in with her credit card and pledged $50 dollars without even talking to […]

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4 Tips To Get Your Money Huddle Started
get your money huddle started

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when it comes to money is to worry and obsess about it to the point where it becomes all-consuming. This could exhaust you since most every decision we make as a couple involves money. So let’s be intentional, talk about it, get it out in the open so […]

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3 Tips to Agree on Your Tax Refund
agree on your tax refund

More than half of all Americans will get a tax refund this year. According to the IRS, the average refund last year was around $3000. That money can make a significant difference in your financial picture. Unfortunately we have found, that new influx of cash can come between you and your spouse. But there is […]

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Prenuptial Agreements – Should We or Shouldn’t We Prenup?
money, prenup

The number one cause for divorce is miscommunication about money – in most cases it is better to “get it all on the table” versus waiting until it is to late. Some couples wonder, “Are we setting ourselves up for divorce by having a prenup?” The simple answer is, “No.” There are some very practical […]

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