3 Ways To NOT RUIN Valentine’s Day
ruin valentine's day

3 Ways To NOT RUIN Valentine’s Day for your honey. They call it the “day of love” so you wouldn’t think anyone could ruin Valentine’s Day, but you’d be wrong. There are some painfully (funny) stories of rough Valentine’s Days out there. If you’ve had one, take heart (see what we did there) you’re not […]

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Avoid The 3 Biggest Gift-Giving Mistakes

When you think of gift-giving how does it make you feel? Excited? Nervous? Stressed-out? Broke? We all have different reactions when it comes to buying gifts for family, friends, or our significant other. Some people really love the scheming, shopping, surprising, and the hunt for the perfect gift. Other people are totally stressed out by […]

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Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving
donate to charity

Do you and your significant other have tension related to giving to charities? That’s right – giving. We want to share with you Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving. This is what we hear: “The fact that he gives the panhandler on the street corner $5 makes me nuts!” or this, “The fact that she just […]

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