3 Solutions to Stop Holiday Money Fights
Stop Holiday Money Fights

The Christmas Season tends to invite more than just holiday joy. Arguments about money arguments can pile up faster than any presents under the tree. Most families will spend more money during this season than any other time of the year. If you’d rather skip the fights (and the fruitcake), you will definitely want to […]

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Planning A Christmas Party With Your Spouse–Party Foul? Or Party Fun!
Planning a Christmas party with your spouse

Christmas parties are such fun! But planning a Christmas party with your spouse can take some planning and shopping. That’s when a party’s fun and games can disappear like a batch of warm gingersnaps if the couple doesn’t first consider their differing Money Personalities. Jim and Kara’s Christmas Party Our friends Kara and Jim moved […]

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Putting the Joy Back into Gift Giving … and Getting
Joy Back into Gift Giving

We were talking to a couple yesterday (we’ll call them Sean and Tiffiny) about last year’s painful gift-giving experience. They know now that Sean is a Security Seeker/Spender and Tiffiny is a Saver/Security Seeker. Last Christmas they had a knockdown, yelling match because Sean had finally “had it.” With hurt feelings, how can they put […]

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A Gift With Unintended Consequences!
unintended consequences

What started off as a gift had unintentionally turned into Financial Infidelity for some dear friends of ours, Meagan and Brandon Brown. We were sitting down with them this weekend and found ourselves bent over laughing (fortunately they had worked through the challenges so laughing was appropriate). They were describing a simple birthday gift with […]

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