Money and Engagement – Do They Mix?
money and engagement

Scott and I were asked to write about money and engagement in a chapter in a book for soon-to-be-married couples. Our topic was “Getting Along About Money.” Right up our alley, right? Definitely! Funny thing is, it caused Scott and I to talk specifically about our own engagement and what we discussed before getting married. It sounded like […]

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Why Pointing Out The Negative Hurts
why pointing out the negative hurts

It wasn’t hard for me to see why pointing out the negative hurts. Last night we were cleaning up the dishes and I (Bethany) stuck a semi-dirty plate in the dishwasher right before Scott was ready to close it. Scott took the plate, that I had just loaded, out of the dishwasher, rinsed it off […]

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3 Ways to stop a “Money Nag”
money nag

Who likes to be nagged? Not us! According to a new study out of the University of Copenhagen, nagging can actually be the cause of premature death. The study goes on to say that couples who are in high stress relationships because of nagging spouses are two to three times more likely to “kick the […]

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5 Mixed Signals That Will Ruin Your Relationship
mixed signals that will ruin your relationship

What would an episode of New Girl, Friends, or even Three’s Company be without someone getting their signals crossed? Zero fun. But mixed signals that will ruin your relationship are zero fun too! Now cut to reality and the mixed signals your honey sends you, and no one’s laughing. Add money to the confusing situation and […]

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3 T’s to Stop the Money Fights This Year
stop the money fights this year

We have all heard the standard answers to preventing money fights: Get a budget, talk about it, stop spending! If these were working we would see couples with blissful day-to-day money talk. Those ideas aren’t bad, they just don’t work. We are done, we mean done, with money fights hurting our relationships, marriages and kids. […]

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When Money Opposites Attract
money opposites attract

The other day we were talking to a young lady and she was telling us about her Saver Money Personality – she gets a darn right thrill out of the coupon section in the Sunday paper! Our comment to her was, “we bet your fiancé is the exact opposite.”  She said… “YOU’RE RIGHT, HOW DID […]

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3 Reasons A Spouse Won’t Talk About Money
spouse won't talk about money

You might not realize it, but nearly every decision you make on a given day involves money. If you’re going to make your morning coffee or grab something at the local coffee shop. Whether you drive to work or take public transportation, pack a lunch or order out. The way you and your partner communicate […]

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Integrity = Honesty + Courage
Integrity = Honesty + Courage

We were at a conference last week and we heard a quote that really impacted both of us.  That quote was “Integrity = Honesty + Courage.” For example, I am an honest employee but I see my coworker stealing supplies and I don’t speak up … I lack integrity. In other words, if you are an […]

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Financial Communication and “The Little Things”
financial communication

We have surveyed hundreds of couples about their financial communication and they have told us many of their stories.   Some stories are incredibly inspiring, others make you wonder how the couple has managed to stay together. Some couples told us about big, blatant betrayals others offered examples of more subtle forms of financial infidelity. In […]

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Prenuptial Agreements – Should We or Shouldn’t We Prenup?
money, prenup

The number one cause for divorce is miscommunication about money – in most cases it is better to “get it all on the table” versus waiting until it is to late. Some couples wonder, “Are we setting ourselves up for divorce by having a prenup?” The simple answer is, “No.” There are some very practical […]

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