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DIY: Thankful Leaves. A Fun Idea to Teach Kids Thankfulness

Scott and I were attending a parenting conference where the speaker reminded us how important it is to instill a thankful heart into our children. So we set about to find a way to teach kids thankfulness.
We know the importance of modeling thankfulness for our boys. But we thought, “With all of the hustle and bustle of life we forget to do this.  We need to do a better job!”

After a little researching, we found a fun new way to permeate our Thanksgiving dinner table with thankful hearts:

Thankful Leaves Craft

1.  Use this leaf template or find another one on the internet.

printable leaves

2.  Run off several copies of your template on different colored papers. You can even make several different sizes.

3.  Have each person who comes to your house write what they are thankful for on separate leaves. Make sure you have markers available so they don’t need to search for a pen. You can do this on Thanksgiving Day or start now and see how many you can collect.

4.  Use the completed leaves as your centerpiece, or as a beautiful addition to your centerpiece.

5.  Throughout Thanksgiving dinner, pick one out, read it, and see if you can guess who wrote it (leave names off).

We did this two years ago and it was a hit. Here’s a picture of one of my (Bethany’s) leaves:

Bethany's Leaf

We loved this centerpiece! But more than that, we loved how it changed our focus and attitudes as we remembered all we have to be thankful for. We’re going to do it again.

One of our leaves will definitely have your name on it. We are thankful for each person in our community. Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us know what you do for Thanksgiving and any ideas to spur on thankful hearts. Leave a comment below.

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