How To Navigate Our Teenagers Through The CoronaVirus Times

WOW, can you believe this? Crazy Times. Coronavirus (COVID-19)?  What in the world?

We had a trip planned for Naples, Florida and Branson, Missouri for Spring Break.

Not happening.

And Scott and I were going to go on a much needed late Valentine’s Day getaway in April (we got engaged on Valentine’s day) in Santa Barbara, California.

All canceled. Done. So much disappointment ☹.

I have a senior in High School and another son who got his state championship Basketball game ripped out from under him. 

Our Senior, Cole, has many questions. Have YOU heard any of these around your household?

  • Will I be going back to school after spring break?
  •  Will we have our senior “lockout out”?
  •  What about graduation?
  • Is it ok to be around my friends?
  • Are we even going to college?
  • What about football season next year?
  •  Is it ok to work out?
  •  Should I get a Grub Hub job?

So much uncertainty. So much disappointment.

So crazy…then there is our Sophomore….. I would rather be in school and know what is going on then be home

WHAATTT? I can’t believe that came out of his mouth.

If you would have told me that an invisible virus would surround us I would have called you nuts.

Question.  What are you doing with your high schoolers? How are you helping navigate their reality and what is happening around them?

While we don’t have any perfect answers we thought we would share a couple of things that seem to be giving them a sense of calm and help them deal with the disappointments that are coming their way. 

Here they are:

  1.       We sat them down and asked them to give us 3 feelings they have right now.  We shared ours too. They really opened up.
  2.       We told them that we will be having “family time” every evening for 2 hours.  Each night may be a little different. We will always have dinner but we will do something a little “fun” together.  Play a game, watch a movie, go check in on a neighbor. So far this has worked well.
  3.       Pray for the people on our Christmas cards we received.  Each night, at dinner, we pull out a Christmas card and pray for that person or family.  This isn’t stopping.
  4.       Spring clean.  That’s right the Palmers are “going for it” and Cole and Cade are right in there.  I can’t believe how much of their stuff they want to get rid of or donate. It’s actually been kind of fun.
  5.       We talk each morning and see what everyone’s “plan” is.
  6.       We had a talk about how their Money Personalities feel threatened by all their surrounding happenings.  For example, Scott, Spender/Security Seeker is threatened because we can’t spend money and go out to eat (one of his favorite things to do) and his Security Seeker is threatened because he doesn’t know what is happening and the future is so unpredictable.  Yikes.

Do those ideas get the juices flowing?

If you want to take the Money Personality Assessments while you have a little time on your hands – that would be a fun “family activity”.  Discover each others differences:

Money Personality Assessment Links:


Age 5-12 

Age 13-17 

Age 18-25

If you have any other ideas please share them with us:




God is good ALL the time.


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