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Your Money Personality: Flyer
Updated: November 02, 2020 |
Taylor Kovar, CFP

Your Money Personality: Flyer

Every person has a distinct way of thinking about and dealing with money, your Money Personality. Unfortunately, money causes tension in almost every marriage, especially over time. Probably because a day doesn’t go by without a decision to be made about money – home-brewed coffee or a latte on-the-go, lunch out or brown bag, new shoes, or money for college. Your Money Personality impacts almost every decision you make.  In a relationship, differing Money Personalities can be the difference between being on the same page about money matters and having it be a constant source of conflict. There are 5 Money Personalities: Saver, Spender, Risk Taker, Security Seeker, and, Flyer, and each person has a Primary and Secondary Money Personality.

Take our FREE scientific & confidential online Money Personality Assessment, and then hand the mouse to your spouse to find out theirs. Most of us assume our spouse thinks about money the way we do, but often in relationships opposites attract. But don’t despair, as you learn more about your Money Personalities, you will begin to see eye-to-eye on day-to-day spending.

Are you a Flyer? Are you married to one?

The Flyer is perhaps the most unusual Money Personality because they don’t think much about money – at all. They’re not anxious about it, they’re not consumed by it, they have absolutely no emotional flyer_600pxresponse to money.

You’re a Flyer if you are:

  • Basically content with your life.  A Flyer might be dirt poor, living in an Airstream out by the highway but he doesn’t care. As long as a Flyer is making his own choices, he’s happy.
  • Big on relationships. For Flyers, relationships and connections with other people are crucial. Flyers will often put relationships above money.
  • Happy to let someone else take care of your money.  This can be a big plus in relationships, especially if the other partner enjoys handling the money decisions.
  • Not motivated by money.  Most Flyers end up living exactly the lives they want to live because they make choices based on what they want, not what will make them the most money.

This Money Personality has its challenges just like the others.  If you’re not a Flyer, you can probably guess what they are because just reading about the Flyer has made you nervous.

If you’re a Flyer you need to be aware that you can be:

  • Reactionary.  Flyers don’t think about money, but money is a necessary part of life. So sooner or later, even Flyers have to pay attention to their bills or their looming retirement.  And when they do, they often make decisions based on fear, not good advice. That lack of planning can lead them into deep debt, the debt they share with their partners.
  • Lacking the skills needed to solve money issues. When money problems come up, the Flyer tries to handle it themselves. However, because they don’t care about money, they don’t have any idea how money works.
  • Disorganized.  Flyers aren’t always disorganized people in the general sense, but when it comes to money, they are all over the place. We’ve asked Flyers to bring in tax returns and they have no idea where something like that might be. Some of them don’t even remember if they filed taxes or what their taxable income is.
  • Un-responsible.  Anyone who isn’t a Flyer might think Flyers are irresponsible. Really, they are un-responsible. Irresponsibility suggests a deliberate lack of maturity. But Flyers aren’t trying to be lazy or inattentive.  They genuinely don’t think about money issues.

Flyers can make great spouses because they are easygoing about money matters. They aren’t going to be controlling or uptight, but the challenge for Flyers is to stay involved and engaged in the family money decisions.


Flyer Tip: Using a financial management platform like Simplifi by Quicken can help you keep better track of money and spending with minimal effort!


Are you a Primary or Secondary Flyer? Let us know in the comments!

Taylor & Megan

Money Huddle Tip: If one of you is a Spender, take some time to talk about the impact this Money Personality has on your relationship.  What are the strengths the Spender brings? What are some of the challenges?

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