the lego store

The Lego Store!

This year we took our annual family vacation to Disney World. One of our favorite things to do at night is to walk around Downtown Disney. The boys favorite stop is the Lego Store. They love it so much that when we announced our vacation they started saving their money.

The Saver and the Spender

Cole—our Saver—had no problem with Saving, and Cade—our Spender—was ready to save as he looked forward to the big “Spending Extravaganza!” Cade couldn’t wait to arrive … so much to buy, so many opportunities to spend.

Cole, on the other hand, started to struggle even before we arrived. “Dad, should I get the Star Wars set or the Avengers set?” It wasn’t the Lego set he was unsure about … he was struggling with his Money Personality. He is a primary Risk Taker and secondary Saver. This means he is willing to take the risk and make the purchase, but struggles with the parting of his own money. His quote at the store was “Mom, my Risk Taker is telling me to go for it but my Saver is saying noooo, don’t do it, don’t do it.”

Bethany and I were laughing so hard because this is what we call the “Opposite Dynamic” playing itself out in real life. On one hand he wanted to “go for it” and on the other hand he was saying “Don’t do it.”

Be sure you know your Money Personalities … and if you see the “Opposite Dynamic” play itself out in your life, share it here! We can ALL learn from one another!

Make it Happen,

Scott of The Money Couple

2 thoughts to “The Lego Store!

  • Paula P

    I think it is wonderful that you have instilled such great inherited values and instincts with the boys.
    It is a well-known fact that the values learned in childhood remain forever. So many parents want the very best for their children and talking explicitly about values helps to develop them, especially in the face of teachings from the media or peers!
    Wise parents commit lots of honest, respectful, kind, and responsible acts in front of their kids. Simply stated, actions speak louder than words. Keep up the great job!!!

  • kirsten

    LOVE this account of the Opposite Dynamic! I’m still laughing as I see this playing out! So very true when one has the Opposite Dynamic playing out in their money decisions. As a Security Seeker, I want to make sure I have everything lined up in my life so I don’t have to worry about money; but as a Spender (secondary trait) I say “Go ahead. It’s only money.” It’s always interesting to see which personality wins in the moment.


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