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The Secret To Your Success: A Strong Money Relationship

We often talk about how money effects every decision we make. When you and your spouse have a strong money relationship, life is pretty smooth. However when you and your spouse are not agreeing about those day to day decisions then life is anything but smooth.

So how do you as a couple get and stay on the same page? Here is the formula that Bethany and I have used:   Vision + Engagement = Success. Your Vision of what the Money Relationship needs to look like + Your Engagement in the process = Your Success!

Here is a real life scenario of how this plays itself out:

  • Have a Vision to make sure you are staying connected when it comes to buying any item that costs more than $150.00 dollars. You are doing this because you want to make sure there are no more hurt feelings, or money secrets.
  • Stay Engaged by making sure if you are going to buy something (say, over $150) you text or take a picture of the item. If you both aren’t in agreement on the purchase, you table it until you get home and can agree!
  • Reach Success because you are both staying connected to each other, you are keeping the lines of communication open, and hurt feelings and money secrets are being eliminated.

Focus on the Relationship

When couples make sure that they are keeping their Money Relationship a priority they will find that the day to day money decisions start to come in-line with each other. The fighting, hurt feelings, and anger start to subside and they can get their relationship as a whole back on track. Like anything Vision and Engagement take work but the Success you find will be a huge payback.

Make it Happen,

The Money Couple

2 thoughts to “The Secret To Your Success: A Strong Money Relationship

  • paulapet

    As a single individual I also believe in your formula Vision + Engagement = Success.
    I want to be an engaged, responsible individual of my finances. By focusing on the long term instead of any short term enjoyment, I know my discipline will pay off.
    By doing this I’ll be able to avoid any hurt – angry feelings of buyer’s remorse.

  • AnpassaGraphics

    Great advice! So easy to just “do what you want” and then suffer the consequences which of course is totally unnecessary for both parties. Much better to agree before hand!


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