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Three Money Signs That Say, “He’s Just Not That Into You”

just not that into youEveryone has been in a relationship where we really don’t know if he is that into it. Isn’t it horrible when you don’t know where you stand and you ask yourself, “How do I really know if he/she is into me?  I am so frustrated confused and sick of wondering.”

Money is a great way to figure it out, an indicator of sorts. Because money impacts all of our lives, everyday, you can watch for tell-tail signs where your relationship stands by watching how money is being used.

Here are three money signs that can tell you if the relationship is worth keeping or throwing out the back door.

1. Lie about money

This is ANY kind of lie. They said they left a tip and they didn’t, or you found three candy bars in the bag and you know they only paid for two and say, “Oh it doesn’t matter” or they tell you they don’t have any credit card debt and you see a statement on their kitchen table. We call that “Money Infidelity.” If they are willing to lie about money in the small stuff, then let us tell you, they will lie about the big stuff later.

2. Don’t talk about money

Tight lips about money? This can typically mean tight lips about other things too. We like to look at money as a laboratory – if they never talk about it or don’t want you to talk about it there is something that they are hiding and they don’t want you to get to close. On the reverse side of that – when they do open up about money that is a sure sign that says, “I’m ready to go to the next level with you.”

3. Borrow and don’t repay money

This is a big one. Many people just brush it off because they think, “well maybe he/she doesn’t have the money to pay me back.” Well, maybe that is the case, but in a relationship you want open and honest communication. If they aren’t willing to talk about a loan that they promised to pay back. What other promises are going to be broken. A person tells you who they are by their actions – believe them the first time! (Tweet This)

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Have you or are you dating someone who has lied about money, or are you seeing one of these three money signs in your relationship? We would love to hear your story! Learn more on this topic from our Fox EveryDay show segment here.

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One thought to “Three Money Signs That Say, “He’s Just Not That Into You””

  • DrAnn

    Thank you for something for us single folks! (3 $ signs that “he’s just not that into you”).
    I dated a guy for 3 years, whom my parents and pastor said I should definitely consider marrying. However, I felt that the Lord impressed me that we would have some problems about finances. Wow, that was an understatement! (Or just my failure to comprehend the depth of what God was saying or the depth of the implications of what I did understand!) At one point, he got in trouble with the law for not paying child support to his previous wife. He told me that he had been paying child support, but she had gotten the amount increased and he had not gotten the notices about it because he had moved to another city. Turns out, he was not only lying about that, but about a bunch of other stuff. Three years, and I had never suspected anything wrong– nor had my parents or pastor! Needless to say, “love” or no love, 3 years or not, I was gone immediately!

    At another time, I went out with another Christian guy who described to me the lengths he was going to, in order to avoid paying for his daughter’s college. (Once she was over 18, he was not obligated to pay anything, he said.) But then he said he wanted to take me out for a spin in his motorboat. I could only think, you have $ to pay for a boat, but not for your daughter’s education? I didn’t care if he had a legal obligation or not; there was the moral obligation. He was the kind of guy (looks, job, etc.) that many women would think was a “catch.” I threw him back.


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