Tires you will never see on a Saver's Car

Tires You Will Never See On A Saver’s Car!

I (Scott) am a Primary Spender and a Secondary Security Seeker. This played itself out perfectly this last week with my new tire purchase. (Yes we were stranded on the C470 for an hour, in the hot sun, with a flat – argh!) While stranded, a truck stopped to help us … out popped an employee of Discount Tire. He saved the day!! I soon learned exactly which tires you will never see on a Saver’s car.After the help he extended us, I wouldn’t dream of getting my new tires anywhere else! The purchase of the new tires is where the story gets very interesting …

When I got to Discount Tires, I went straight to the Michelin display. (After all , I worked in a Michelin store studding tires in my early years.) I found the perfect set of tires—with a 70,000 mile tread life. This is how my Money Personalities played out:

Spender: Go ahead and buy the very best.
Security Seeker: They will last a long time in to the future and keep my family safe.

Many people ask us the difference between a Saver and Security Seeker. Notice I do not have Saver in my Money Personalities. A Saver would never have spent the kind of money I did for a set of tires. Do you see the difference? A Saver won’t spend the money, whereas a Security Seeker wants the protection.

Money Personalities

Money Personalities continue to effect just about every decision we make. When it is time for major purchases—like tires—you will see your Money Personalities flare up.

The bottom line is this: when you understand your Money Personalities you will see them play out in yourself over and over again. How do you see your Money Personalities at work and play? Share your story and we can all learn from each other. But wouldn’t you agree, “Those are tires you will never see on a Saver’s car”?

Make it Happen,

Scott of The Money Couple

6 thoughts to “Tires You Will Never See On A Saver’s Car!

  • Kirsten Samuel

    I totally get this scenario, Scott! Thanks for sharing it. I recently went to purchase some items to make gifts for a baby shower for our daughter-in-law who is expecting twins. My security seeker-spender personality came out: security seeker – make sure you get good quality so the items will last (willing to spend a little more for the quality); spender – yes, I can make that…and that…and that…and that…oh, that will be so cute…the babies will need this! Well, you get the picture. I actually refrained from many things I wanted to get for the babies!! Really. I did!

  • JeffreyG

    My money personality provides me with some interesting experiences. I am primarily a Saver, and then a Risk Taker. So I am willing to do a lot of shopping around before I buy a specific item, but I can decide quickly when the situation warrants it. Because by then I know it is a great deal or at least reasonable price, because I’ve done the homework.

    We are also willing to save money for a long period of time, so that once we come across an especially attractive opportunity (perhaps an aggressive investment), we are in a position to take advantage of it, even it means sometimes substantial risk.

    We truly enjoy taking trips to new places, and participating in unique special events or activities, but we usually stop and take the time to first find if there a way to do so in-expensively, without just spontaneously spending a lot of money on a whim. Like all of us I guess, it always involves a bit of a balancing act.

  • Tom L

    It is interesting how having a family can dictate the purchases we make. It is a lot easier to justify buying cheaper as a single guy. Now that I have a family, I would gladly spend a little more to make sure the wife and son are as safe as can be.

  • Paula P

    I have to agree with your reasoning concerning “You pay for what you get”!
    Skimming on dessert after a meal or not taking in a movie to save some bucks, no problem.
    But securing the safety of my future, rather it is saving in my retirement account or selecting the best tires, no question ask…I’ll commit to that plan.

  • Dale

    I have seen my money personalities (Saver, Flyer) at play, especially regarding major purchases. I research to make sure it’s a good deal and as a saver, usually have the funds available if I decide to splurge. My wife is a Spender, Security Seeker, but her Spender is way more dominant! She doesn’t do any research on purchases, but wants the insurance and major life issues settled.

    One purchase when we were newly married comes to mind. She saw an expensive ring she wanted to buy when we were in Solvang, CA. As newly marrieds, we hadn’t established the “we should discuss major purchases” rule, so she was not pleased when I asked her to wait on the purchase until I contacted my jeweler in LA. (Come on, buying a ring in a tourist location, seriously?!) My wife wanted the rush and joy of the purchase and I was the definite spoiler. My delight at being able to save $500 on the ring through the jeweler was no real consolation to her, but she acquiesced!

  • Dave

    This is a great story Scott. And it clearly displays the “Money Personalities” at play. I get it and find myself going through a similar analysis every time I reach for my wallet. I consider myself a Saver/Spender. I would have no issues purchasing a quality set of tires for the car, but only AFTER both my wife’s and my 401(k) plan and our Saving’s Account at the bank had been funded for the month. Tithes and savings come first in our household. Wendy and I are in agreement on that front. After that, Michelin’s and Ralph Lauren Polo’s are great!


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