keeping up with the joneses

Trying to Keep Up With the Joneses?

Ok, we all ask ourselves — even Scott and I ask it — “Are we trying to keep up with the Joneses?”

Whoever those Jones are, they seem to have nice stuff. Right? But let’s admit we’ve never seen their credit card statements at the end of the month either.

Whenever you find yourself buying (or considering) some new thing, ask yourself,

“Do I really need this or am I just trying to keep up with the neighbors, or my siblings, or someone I’ve never met in Hollywood. If your motivation to spend money is to make yourself look like something you’re not, skip that swipe. You don’t need to compare yourself or your things with anyone else.

This is a hilarious interview that, at times, runs amuck. Does the host think I (Bethany) am swearing????

Enjoy! And learn 3 ways to identify the “Keep up with the Joneses” in your life.

Click the picture below and check it out.

It’s natural to look around and admire what others have. And it is often fun to buy new things. But check in with yourself (or your spouse) to make sure you aren’t falling into the “keeping up” trap.

Scott & Bethany Palmer

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