Uncover Your Child’s Money Management Style With Halloween Candy

We want to help you Uncover Your Child’s Money Management Style With Halloween Candy.  Want to know something spooky?

You can uncover your kid’s money management style by watching them with their Halloween goodies. Watch closely and their behavior with their door-to-door haul will teach you more about your kids’ approach to money than you ever thought.

3 Things To Consider While You Observe:

1.  Your child’s first form of “currency” is candy!

When kids are young, they don’t really care about money. Their candy is their “currency”. Watch what they do with it.  It will show you a lot about your kids.

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2.  How they handle their candy will tell you how they will handle their money.

Do they:

Save it? Our nephew one year saved his Halloween candy for an entire year. He didn’t want to run out before the next opportunity to get more. We could tell when he was young, he is a Saver! Even today he already has an auto detailing business at his young age and he saves like crazy!

Eat it quickly? This is often a Spender! Scott was like this as a child. He just ate it quickly. No time like the present for a person with a Spender Money Personality, and not much thought of tomorrow (or cavities).

Trade their candy? This child is, what we would call, a Risk Taker. Bethany traded her candy with her little brother. She liked using her “currency” to make deals. And how handy to have a younger brother when you’re making deals. Right?

Or … Do they:

Organize it? Our son, Cole, organizes it! He is a Security Seeker. These kids want to make sure everything is in the perfect pile. Most kids get a stomach ache from eating too much chocolate, but these kiddos might get a belly ache if they don’t get a chance to assess their haul before anyone tries to eat it. They want to know–what they know! They will be wonderful planners in the future.

Give it away? This person is, what we refer to as, a Flyer. They value relationships over money. A friend of ours has a Flyer child who likes to share their candy with their fellow trick-or-treaters as they go door-to-door. They can’t wait to get home and give mom and dad their favorites, just to see them smile. For the kiddos who enjoy their “currency” most when they can make a memory with someone. They probably won’t be the “go-to” budget guru in their family, but they certainly will have a lot of happy friends.

3.  Why does my child handle their candy the way they do?

People ask us if their kid’s Money Personalities come from their parenting style or from their DNA. The age-old “nature vs. nurture” debate. Well, at least as far as Money Personalities are concerned – we say it’s in their DNA. After all, did anyone tell you how to consume your candy? Nope. You just did what came naturally.

Wonder what your Money Personalities are? You can, a. steal their candy, HA!, or b. take the FREE scientific & confidential online Money Personality Assessment to confirm your hunch about your Primary and Secondary Money Personalities.

Have a great Halloween candy story from your childhood? Please share it below. Thanks.

Happy Halloween!

Make it happen!

Scott & Bethany Palmer

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3 thoughts to “Uncover Your Child’s Money Management Style With Halloween Candy

  • Liza

    This is really great! I love this post. My kid organize his candies 🙂 This will help us to know how our kid will be in after some years. We really need to prepare them and teach them financial skills. This is a great site :

  • Paula

    Great read! At what age would we start to observe our child’s money management style? I have a 4 year old who would take a bite of her sweets, ask me to save it, and then she forgets about it. My two year old immediately eats it.

    • The Money Couple

      Paula, great question. We might suggest that you are seeing their money management style already. There is a Money Personality that we’ve identified called a “Flyer”. Your 4-year-old might fight that style. They prefer relationships and experiences and making memories when it comes to money. They “forget” about the dollars and cents of life and focus on the relationships. Your two-year-old may be demonstrating a “Spender” Money Personality … or just a big sweet tooth. Ha ha. Please check out our parenting resources when you get a chance. We think you might enjoy them. Thanks so much!


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