valentines day a waste of money

Do you think Valentine’s Day is a waste of money?

Is Valentine’s Day a waste of money?

Here’s what some of our Facebook friends had to say:

We celebrate with a nice dinner the day before or after to avoid the crowds and we exchange mushy cards. Maybe we should do this the 14th of every month as a reminder to express our feelings for each other. – Linda Sowell

Definitely over commercialized. We should honor each other regularly throughout the year. That being said though, most do not do it without having a day made for it. – Janine Batiste

No. You don’t have to be “cliche” with it, just do what feels right for you and your loved one! I LOVE it! – Lavender Booth

Can you relate to any of these comments?

valentines day a waste of money

Here’s a few ways to keep Valentine’s Day love in the air:

Protip: Your Money Personalities have EVERYTHING to do with how you view Valentine’s Day.

Want a good chuckle? Find your two Money Personalities in the list below and see if this is how you respond to Valentine’s Day.

  • Saver: you can’t wait to show your love, but your gift won’t break the bank.
  • Spender: you have no problem living it up to make your statement of love!
  • Risk Taker: the wilder the better.
  • Security Seeker: no element of surprise with your gift.
  • Flyer: cozy up, Honey! You just want to spend time together.

Bottom Line? Chuckle at how your Money Personalities view Valentine’s Day, but give your gifts this year keeping your spouse’s Money Personalities in mind. Here’s some hints to do just that.

  • Is a Saver really going to want a lavish gift? We know not :-).
  • Is a Spender going to want the lavish gift? Absolutely!
  • Is the Risk Taker going to want something “different?” Oh yes.
  • Is the Security Seeker going to want a well thought out gift? Right on.
  • And, last, is the Flyer just going to want to spend time with you? You got it.

Give the gift that keeps on giving by thinking about your spouse. A gift is about the “getter” not the “giver”.

If you want to learn more secrets to a great relationship, pick up a copy of our latest book, The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking The Same Love and Money Language. And, we’d love to hear from you on Facebook as we talk more about about the “day of Love” this week!

Happy hugs!

Scott & Bethany

3 thoughts to “Do you think Valentine’s Day is a waste of money?

  • Linda Sowell

    I just remembered this from last Valentine’s Day. My spender/risk taker husband bought me a gold and diamond heart necklace. I love it and didn’t ask how much it costs (unusual for me didn’t want to be a downer on his personality) My husband loves his cars so the saver/security seeker me bought him a gift certificate for lots of car washes! We both were very happy.

  • Janna Kasza

    I think holidays like sweetest day and Valentine’s day are great reminders to help us be intentional in our relationships.

  • Nat

    I guess I’ll be the ugly one there is always one.
    I don’t need to be reminded of the relationship with my wife!
    It just plain sucks, she is a prude, stuffed shirt and a pain the back end.
    I haven’t kissed, touched, talked or even been near her in close to 40 years.
    We should have divorced 2 weeks after we were married but we didn’t I’ve slept and eaten and lived in my basement or in my garage that has an apartment.
    Valentines Day right I’d rather celebrate the day the garbage is picked up.

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