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FTW: Exactly What To Say About Your Valentine’s Day Gift
Updated: January 14, 2021

Valentine’s Day Gifts… for the win! If you want to win big this year with your valentine, what you say matters as much as the gift. When your Valentine opens their gift, what you say shows them: A. how well you know them, and B. how much thought you put into making the gift a perfect fit for them.

The best way to know what gift is going to be a hit with your valentine is to consider their Money Personalities. A Money Personality is a person’s natural approach to money. Everyone has a Primary Money Personality and a Secondary Money Personality.

Their Primary (and sometimes Secondary) Money Personalities totally affect what type of gift they enjoy the most. (Want to know yours for sure? Click HERE to take our FREE scientific and confidential 5 Money Personalities Assessment TODAY!)

So—if your sweetheart is a:


You’ll want to let them know, “I hunted all over for this and got the best deal. I know saving money is important to you, so I used a coupon!” It doesn’t matter that you don’t like coupons or aren’t naturally a bargain shopper; you just want them to know you understand who they are and are honoring that on this holiday.


You may want to say, “I went to your favorite store and got your favorite brand!” If they’re a Spender, they like to shop—so the fact that you know where they like to go is important to them. Spenders like extravagant gifts. No homemade card with a handwritten coupon for a back rub! Go get your “shop” on and find them something amazing!

Risk Taker

If your sweetheart is a Risk Taker, they’d love to hear you say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before, so I knew you had to have it!” Reinforce the fact that their gift is something not everyone else gets. No heart-shaped box of chocolates and red roses for a Risk Taker.

what to say when your valentine opens their gift

12019 / Pixabay

In fact, Taylor’s favorite thing I’ve ever given him is handwritten notes during stressful times of his life. His Secondary Money Personality is Risk Taker, so he loves to be surprised with a unique, thoughtful gift.

Security Seeker:

When your sweetie is a Security Seeker, they like gifts they need. You tell them, “I saw that you needed one of these so I did the research, read the reviews, and got you the very best one.” I (Megan), a Secondary Security Seeker, would be thrilled with a vacuum cleaner as a gift. Taylor would hate it. A Security Seeker will love that you took the time and planned out the perfect gift.


The final Money Personality that most people don’t realize is the Flyer. They value relationships more than money. They fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to money and just want to make memories. So if you give them a gift, let them know, “I got you something we can do together.” You’ll hit a home run if you give them something you plan to do together to make a memory. Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate this time together!

Any day is a great day to show your valentine how much you love them and how well you know them! And what you say when your valentine opens their gift really shows them. Honor your sweetheart’s Money Personality this Valentine’s Day and you’ll be the red-hot hero of Valentine’s Day gifts.

As always,

Taylor & Megan


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