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What You Say Matters: Gift Giving Cheat Sheet
Updated: December 10, 2020

How to Give a Gift in a Way that Shows You Really Care

What you say matters. Did you ever stop to think that a married couple gives over 200 gifts to each other over 50 years? And that is only if your gift-giving on the major holidays each year – their birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s, and Christmas. You will give your spouse tons of gifts during your marriage. What you get AND what you say matter’s when it comes to gift-giving.

Shopping for that gift is one thing. And we offer some tips on how to be the hero at gift-giving here.

But is there MORE to successful gift-giving than just handing over the present? Yes.

What you say matter’s when you give a gift. And their Money Personalities help you know the perfect thing to say.

Insider Protip: There are 5 Money Personalities. Each person has a Primary and Secondary Money Personality. Both affect how they approach money and what they enjoy about giving and getting gifts. Knowing their Money Personalities helps you nail the perfect gift-giving experience. They can identify theirs in less than 10 minutes with our FREE scientific, confidential Money Personality Assessment.

So once you are armed with their approach to money you are set (for both buying the gift and what they would love to hear you say when you give it). Understanding each other’s Money Personalities is key.

Here is your cheat sheet for SAYING the perfect thing when you give the perfect gift:

How to Present a Gift to a Saver

If your spouse is a Saver they love a bargain. Expensive, over-the-top gifts are not going to get you the response you’re looking for with a Saver. They want a great deal. Coupons and sales welcome!

Say: “I hope you love this. I hunted all around and got the best deal on this. I saved way more than you can even imagine!”

Presenting a Gift to a Spender

If your spouse is a Spender they want something extravagant. In their minds, coupons are for cans of soup, not Christmas. Get them something they’d never get for themselves. Even the wrapping can be fancy and extravagant.

Say: “I got your favorite brand. This is the thing to have this year! It’s from your favorite store.”

Giving a Gift to a Risk Taker

If your spouse is a Risk Taker, roll up your sleeves. Think of something out there! The more unexpected, the better! Something no one else you know has. No vacuums. No blenders. Absolutely no socks!

Say: “I had never seen anything like this before. I knew you had to have it.”

How to Give a Gift to a Security Seeker

If your spouse is a Security Seeker, they like practical gifts. Gifts that solve a problem or make things run smoother. Add a warranty to the item and you’ve put the icing on the cake!

Say: “I knew you needed this. So I read the reviews and this is the best of the best. It got 5 stars.”

Presenting a Gift to a Flyer

If your spouse is a Flyer, they are more interested in time together than any item. They like gifts that invest in their relationships. Good ideas might be tickets to an event that you attend together or a game that you’ll play with friends.

Say: “I got this for you and me to do together.”

So the next time you go to give your spouse a gift, consider not only what they want, but the words they’d love to hear when they unwrap their surprise.

We hope you both enjoy the giving and getting in your marriage this year.

Taylor and Megan Kovar

The Money Couple

Taylor & Megan Kovar posing at the Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches Texas

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