guilty of small acts of financial infidelity

Yes or No: Are You Guilty of Small Acts of Financial Infidelity?

We’ve talked about this before. Financial infidelity is a big issue—one we deal with all the time when counseling couples. Before you think it couldn’t happen to you, listen to this.  In a recent Forbes poll researchers found “there’s a 20% chance your spouse isn’t being entirely honest with you when it comes to money.”  20%! This is a real issue. Are you guilty of small acts of financial infidelity?

But financial infidelity is more than just the big items. Any time you lie, cheat, or hoard money from your spouse you commit financial infidelity.

Here’s some examples of those small acts:

  • Going to store you spend $100 when you said you’d spend $50 but you don’t say anything about the difference.
  • Buy a purse and pay half in cash and half on a credit card, hiding the real cost.
  • You bring home a new clothes and tell your spouse it cost $100 when it really cost $250.

Sometimes we do this because we don’t want to deal with fights over money. While we get that, lying about money is still a big deal.

Small acts of financial infidelity turn into big acts

These small, seemingly insignificant expenditures can lead to big destructive consequences. When we talked with Chris and Kathy, on the Everyday show, we provided three things you can do when you suspect this is happening in your relationship. Watch the interview below.

Did you catch the big question?

So what do you think?

Are you committing financial infidelity in your relationship? What will you do to protect your relationship from financial infidelity—even the small stuff?

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