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Your Vacation Can Be Fight-Free

Vacations are great – fights on vacations are miserable.

Let’s face it, most arguments start with a disagreement about money.

  • How much to spend?
  • How much to save?
  • Throw caution to the wind?

Scott and I want to make sure there are no fights for you! Talk about each of these and your day at the beach will be full of fun and not depressing ho-hum:

1.  Consider all Money Personalities

Everyone has their own unique perspective on money. Understanding the motivations of each other’s Money Personalities helps you select a vacation everyone can enjoy. Take our FREE scientific & confidential online assessment to make sure you know your Primary and Secondary Money Personality. Jot down the 4 Money Personalities in your relationship and write the vacation for each appropriate Personality approach:

    • Saver – stressed by spending money
    • Spender – spends money for memories and convenience
    • Risk Taker – Likes trying new things
    • Security Seeker – Enjoys repeating an experience
    • Flyer – enjoys doing things together

Take our Money Personalities for example:

    • Scott: Primary Spender – spends money for memories and convenience
    • Scott: Secondary Security Seeker – enjoys repeating an experience
    • Bethany: Primary Spender – spends money for memories and convenience
    • Bethany: Secondary Risk Taker – likes trying new things

Now that we know what is important to each Money Personality in our relationship, we can talk about it. We are both Spenders so we have to make sure we don’t spend too much, talk about where we plan to spend, and where we plan to save. Scott likes routine so we always eat breakfast in our room (he loves that routine) and I like a different restaurant each night. BOOM! Each of us is satisfied and the money fights disappear.

2.  Ask appropriate questions based on each other’s Money Personalities

Look below and ask the appropriate questions of your spouse and keep their answers in mind when planning your vaca day:

    • If your Spouse is a SAVER ask them this: I know saving money is important to you. What spending situations make you nervous on vacations?
    • If your Spouse is a SPENDER ask them this: What are the situations where you want to spend money during this trip? Meals? Parking? Experiences?
    • If your Spouse is a RISK TAKER ask them this: What kind of new experiences do you want to have on this trip?
    • If your Spouse is a SECURITY SEEKER ask them this: What kind of routine would you like on this trip?
    • If your Spouse is a FLYER ask them this: What are your expectations of this trip?

3.  Expectations are key 

There is nothing worse than blown expectations. In addition to the questions above ask this very important question: What are your expectations of this trip? Often we don’t even know what each others expectations are and one of us can end up disappointed, nervous, or unsatisfied, and the other not even know why.

Print this Love and Money Minute out and take your honey out for a walk, dinner, or picnic, and talk through each of these points. Take time to TALK about these things and make this vacation your best ever.

Grab a copy of our book and check out the bonus 5 Money Personalities Survival Guide for extra tips on successfully managing vacations, holidays, and birthdays.

If you want to go one step further…introduce your children’s Money Personalities into the planning. You receive 5 free kids (ages 5-25) Money Personalities Assessments with the purchase of our latest book, The 5 Money Conversations To Have with Your Kids at Every Age and Stage.

How does your family honor your different Money Personalities when you plan your vacations? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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