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About Us

Our goal is to deliver much-needed advice and resources to couples of all ages. The lessons learned in our own relationship give us a blueprint for solving marriage couples’ money woes, and we want to pass along our insight to you. 

So… who are we and why are we worth listening to?

  • Middle-school sweethearts. That’s right. We’ve been playing this game for a while. 
  • Parents of three. You don’t *really* understand budgeting until you’ve executed three birthday parties in one calendar year.
  • A stay-at-home mom and a Certified Financial Planner duo. From retirement planning to grocery shopping and kid shuttling, we’re doing it all. 
  • Servant leaders in business and every aspect of our lives.

The successes and rough patches in our marriage amount to countless teachable moments. In 2020 we acquired The Money Couple brand and can now present our hard-earned knowledge through a handful of awesome pages and platforms:

  • 5 Money Personalities
  • Financial Infidelity
  • The Millionaire Marriage Podcast
  • The Money Couple Blog
  • Couples Courses

Our story is unique but relatable. Trial and error has shown us the right ways to achieve financial freedom while putting family first and enjoying life. With a little guidance, we know every other couple can do the same.

Fun facts, you didn’t ask for–


We can eat Chick-Fil-A breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and we do, often.


We have road-tripped all across the 50 states with our kids this year, 2022.


Megan is a Saver/Security Seeker with Taylor landing on the complete opposite side, Spender/Risk-Taker.

More about us and our financial journey

Where It All Started

Megan and I met at a youth rally, through a mutual connection. We ended up finding each other in a local chat room, (yes, that’s real!), and talking all night. We started talking on the phone every day over the summer. When school started we “broke up”, but it didn’t last long before we were back together. At another youth rally in January 2001, I complimented her silver snake skin heels and we have been inseparable ever since.

Marriage & Taylor’s Graduation

I was ready for marriage at 18, especially with Megan. So when I finally popped the question—with her parents’ approval, of course—it was in her driveway after a date night in Houston. Our favorite thing to do was wish on the stars that we’d be together forever, so as we made our wish that night, I proposed.

I lost my job about two weeks after getting engaged, which we viewed as the perfect opportunity for me to go to college and start forging our path forward in life. During my time in college, I worked hard at loading trucks for UPS every morning and focusing on my schoolwork the rest of the day—a full 15- to 18-hour class schedule per semester. I got through college pretty quickly (100 hours in 15 months), only to graduate in the middle of a market collapse.

We got married on a Friday night in our hometown, Lufkin, at Megan’s church. Our immediate honeymoon was to Houston for the weekend. We stayed in a Four Seasons and caught an Astros game before heading back into town so I could take my last college finals. Our secondary honeymoon was in Vegas, mainly because we didn’t need to rent a car… you know, since I wasn’t old enough to.

Following our marriage, we decided to live below our means, seeing as I worked my way out of debt and Megan had come from a family that paid cash for everything. So, we started flexing our financial muscles: the majority of every raise we got was put into savings, and we acted as if we each made $10/hour. Saving was our number one priority.

Taylor Enters the Financial World

I ended up making less than Megan after graduating and entering the job market, so when my brother offered me a job at his growing healthcare software company, I took it. While it wasn’t a job in finance directly, I was able to learn quite a few life skills—one of which was on a trip to LA. I remember noticing all of the extremely happy homeless people along Venice Beach, and in seeing their joy, I sat down to assess with Meg. We asked ourselves, “Why are we working so hard to retire in a beach town, when people are doing it now and seem happy?” This lesson and thought process was a huge milestone in our journey, and we still ask clients this same question today.

I left my brother’s company around 2013, started working in town at Merrill Lynch, and took on becoming our church’s youth pastor to about 70 kids, all so I could be closer to Meg and help raise our new baby boy, Kix. In the midst of my chaotic transition from essentially running a company to suddenly being the lowest on the totem pole, I quickly realized that Merrill Lynch was more concerned with sales than putting clients in the right investments. It wasn’t long before I started dreaming up my own company, leaving Merrill Lynch behind.

Taylor Leaves His Job & We Start Our Own Company

My father passed away in the summer of 2014, and with that, the pressing urge to create my own business was driven deeper. My dad had always been a dreamer, and I wanted to honor his dreams by becoming more: not just dreaming—doing. A year after leaving Merrill Lynch, Kovar Capital was born, and within a few months, I began an insurance agency and business consulting practice as add-ons for my clients.

Testing the Healthcare Waters

I acquired a healthcare company through a partnership with some investors. What was supposed to be a fairly silent investment turned into me running the entire business within a few short weeks; although Meg and I poured all of our savings into it, we were on the verge of bankruptcy a few months in. Incredibly, by God’s grace and a lot of hard work, we were able to double that business every year that we owned it, and even successfully bought out the other investors in 2018.

Acquiring The Money Couple

Our experience of working with hundreds of couples taught us that many of them never could simply see eye to eye on their financial plan. We knew there had to be more to it! In our research, we came across The Money Couple and The 5 Money Personalities, and soon enough, we met with the owners who were ready to pass the torch of their mission on to a younger couple.

Focusing on Family

Towards the end of 2021, we sold our healthcare company and several ancillary businesses to be fully present and focused on Kovar Wealth Management, The Money Couple, our marriage, and our family. We feel our calling in life is to help other couples thrive and live more successful lives in every aspect. We want to encourage people and couples all over the world that no matter your background or your current situation, with a little luck and a lot of hard work, you can achieve your goals and get to where you’re going. Trust me—I grew up in a converted barn in the middle of nowhere.

How can we help you ?

We have a couple tricks up our sleeves to bring you and your spouse closer in your marriage and finances. If you click each of the numbers below you’ll be taken to that tool. While we have more resources these are our top options to start aligning you and your spouse.

Remember regardless of what your results from the assessments say, it doesnt mean you’re lost. We have tips for each result cause we genuinely want to help!



Have you ever wondered why you don’t see eye-to-eye with your spouse about how you should allocate/spend your money? Well, the miscommunication most likely comes from having different Money Personalities. Want to learn more, or find out what you and your spouses Money Personality may be ? Use this link to check it out.



Financial Infidelity can be anything from hiding money from a spouse, having secret accounts, dishonest spending, hidden debt, and more. It is a huge issue that is coming to the surface finally. Want to see where you or your spouse measure on the Financial Infidelity Scale? Use this link to start!



Do you enjoy podcasts? How about one that doesn’t steer clear of the hard topics, that doesn’t cookie cut it’s answers? Taylor Kovar, a Certified Financial Planner, and Jeremy Gilliam, a Certified Family and Marriage Therapist, come together to form a Marriage and Finance podcast, called The Millionaire Marriage.


come as you are, leave empowered.

We wanted to create an environment for people, just like you, to come and ask questions, teach lessons you’ve learned, and share knowledge on all fronts. This is a community where anyone can post, we want to engage with all of you and what better way than to be in an intimate group setting?

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