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"Welcome - you found us and boy we’re glad you did. What are we all about and how can we help YOU? Well, we discovered after years of being financial advisors that the way people view, think and feel about money are very different. We also realized that couples often didn’t agree about money and we were one of those couples.
So we set out to discover why. Why don’t couples agree about money? And during our discovery process we learned that 70% of divorces are cause couples don’t know how to speak each others Money Language. So we developed, with a statistical scientist from Stanford, an Assessment that allows you to discover your Money Personalities.
Fast forward… we have Money Personality and Relationship Assessments, tools and resources…..all so you and your honey don’t have to fight against each others money differences….you can embrace them, learn how to work with the differences and both be satisfied.
Discover, engage and join the hundreds and thousands who now experience a marriage that is truly magnificent. Welcome!"  
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How would you rate your communication about money decisions? Do you ever feel misunderstood? Shamed? Frustrated? Hopeless? Guilty? Profit from practical, proven methods to improve your wealth and your relationship health.
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What if you could “divorce proof” your church? Put an end to the destruction of marriages and build an unbreakable unity among husbands and wives. Be the church with practical, proven tools to reinforce indestructible marriages and experience cheerful (no joke) giving.
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Financial Advisors
How do you keep a client for life? What guarantees their success and, ultimately, yours? Offer your clients something unique: Secure your spot as “the trusted advisor” with proven resources for client lead generation, retention and investment selection that improves the wealth of their portfolio and their life.
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Wouldn’t you like a better education about money than you received? Teaching your children truly useful lessons about money is valuable gift (and a challenge). Start here for all the tools for a meaningful, age-appropriate conversations with your child, young or old, to invest in their profitable future.
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