5 money personalities

Money Personalities change everything!

Everyone has a personality: funny, serious, agreeable, thrill-seeker, cautious.

Everyone also has two Money Personalities. Two natural ways you deal with money. They are as much a part of your DNA as your height or hair color.

It gets interesting, and challenging, when your unique approach to money is different from the person you are sitting next to. Money decisions are daily and often emotional. So it helps to identify, define, and give your two, unique money approaches a name.

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BOOK: The 5 Money Personalities – Speaking the Same Love and Money Language

The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language.When a couple does not see eye-to-eye on money small disagreements can quickly turn into fights that leave both of you feeling hurt and angry. Speaking the same Love and Money language in your relationship is a complete game-changer.

Our greatest joy as The Money Couple is to help spouses understand the unique ways they deal with money, and show them how to honor each other’s differences to reclaim their dream for a future free from money conflict and tension.

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The Money Couple & The 5 Money Personalities: