The 3 Best Love & Money Tips

On your wedding day, as you and your spouse stood in front of your friends and family and promised to love and cherish each other forever, you probably weren’t thinking about fighting. But anyone who’s been married more than a week knows that fights will happen, and the majority of them will be about money. […]

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3 Ways To Be A Successful Spender
ways to be a successful spender

Some financial experts act like people who enjoy spending money are wrong. We say, “Those experts are the ones who are WRONG.” Some people are just naturally wired to enjoy spending money. Some very successful people! In fact, these people have figured out lots of ways to be a successful spender. And we celebrate them! […]

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4 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness
buy happiness

Did your mom ever tell you, “Money can’t buy happiness?” Well, she was a little bit right and a big bit wrong. But, before you text to tell her so, check out what the experts found in these scientific studies. These different studies listed in a great article, scientifically prove that although money doesn’t […]

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3 Reasons To Celebrate The Spender In Your Life
spender in your life

Do you love to spend money? Are you someone who doesn’t mind–or actually enjoys–letting go of your hard-earned cash? Good for you. Or if you are married to one, yay! Why? Because there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the Spender in your life. We see it in kids as young as three or four–their […]

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Don’t Ruin Your Holiday For Your Spouse
don't ruin your holiday for your spouse

Does your spouse ruin the holidays for you? Seems harsh, but it must be true for many. In fact, 16 million people Googled “my husband ruins every holiday” and over 46 million Googled “my wife ruins every holiday”. Yikes! Don’t ruin your holiday for your spouse! This time of year is without a doubt very […]

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