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3 Ways To Resist A Sale
Updated: December 12, 2020 |
Taylor Kovar, CFP

Just last week I was shopping for a new table online. Then suddenly one caught my eye. I decided I didn’t want it so I left the site. Then an hour later, I was on Facebook and there was that same table, the exact one, on my feed. It actually creeped me out… Like the Sales, Monster was following me.

Has that happened to you?

It is getting harder and harder to find ways to resist a sale because of technology. Merchants are targeting us through every single medium of advertisement. Whether it’s a coupon in the paper, a sign on the building, an email, a phone call, or even a text… Sales are EVERYWHERE. Lurking, creeping, and ready to pop into your inbox.

Have you ever had the “look” from your spouse when there is a box on your step and your response was, “It was on sale, I couldn’t resist”?

Need some easy ways to resist these sales? Here are 3 Tips:

1.  Go into the store with a limit and a list

If you don’t do this, you will be so distracted by these sales. On the other hand, if you do this, you will be able to take advantage of the sales of things that are on your list! You will come out more satisfied with your purchases and your personal willpower. It’s a win-win!

2.  Ask yourself, “Do I need this?”

It is often good to bounce this off your spouse or friend. If you don’t have anyone shopping with you, make a quick call to your spouse or someone you trust. It takes a bit more discipline but it almost guarantees you won’t build an unwanted wall in your relationship or max out your credit card!

3.  Stop shopping online

If you have a hard time resisting sales, do not shop online!! They love to pull you in. And, that means putting away that phone!! Mobile retail in the US alone is a $12 billion industry.

BONUS TIP: Have your savings plan in the forefront of your mind when you are shopping and avoid fights because buying unexpected things your spouse was not made aware of, causes arguments. Check out this FREE online savings calculator!

We would love to hear any other suggestions you have… Be sure to comment below.

Taylor & Megan Kovar

The Money Couple

Taylor & Megan Kovar posing at the Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches Texas

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