5 Things Not To Do On Your Next Vacation

5 Things NOT to do on your vacation?  That’s right NOT to do. As we all know it is so easy to get caught up in life, you know the fast pace of things. In today’s society it’s all about the go, go, go…  Whew! Man doesn’t that get tiring! We are always in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B and we never really slow down to try to enjoy life and the things it has to offer. The truth is… we tend to stay in that frame of thinking even when we go on vacations. Sounds a lot like you doesn’t it!?

We are here to help you stay worry free and stress free this vacation season!

Here are 5 things to not do while you are on vacation.

1. Shut down all your tech.

Wait what!? Shut down all tech? Yes, you heard us right…Most of the time when we go on vacation we feel like we should continue to check emails, keep a close eye on our text messages or maybe you even think “Oh no I better check in at the office… Hey… We totally get it but whatever it is…it can wait! Sure you may need your cell phone in case of an emergency but apart from that shut it all down.This your vacation, enjoy every last moment of it without any technology. We promise you will be sooo happy you did.

2. Don’t let your kids bring their tech.

I know what your thinking, this ain’t ever gonna work but trust me when I tell you as much as they may hate it at first ( or so they think anyways lol) after this vacation is over they’ll fully be glad they took a break. Get em’ interested in seeing all the sights have to offer. They will be so glad you did. Instead of concerning themselves with Snapchat, Instagram and  Facebook they will be enjoying the most important things in life. Family…. Get them involved in the different things on the trip, take em’ to that cool amusement park, go swimming in the ocean and enjoy time with your family. They need a break as well as mom and dad. 

3. Don’t penny-pinch.

A lot of times we find it easy while on vacation to penny-pinch. Especially for those of us with Saver/Security Seeker Money Personalities. We worry about how much we spend so then we start completely overthinking the whole trip. For instance “Maybe we shouldn’t eat here because it costs too much” or “We really shouldn’t stay at this hotel, let’s stay at the one across the street and save money”… For the Love of Peanuts Don’t Do it!!! Take time and really enjoy yourself and your family while you’re on vacation. 

4. Don’t argue about money on your vacation.

Man Oh Man…SHEEWWW…Money fights are the worst! Have you ever been riding in the car as a child and your parents just start arguing and fussing with each other over money or what seems to be absolutely nothing!? It’s awful. Or how about arguing with your child, it’s the worst feeling EVER as a parent. Often when we find ourselves under the tiniest bit of stress and we tend to become snappy, ill or even rude. PLEASE...Don’t let yourself fall into the madness of bickering and arguing with each other… Be open to any suggestions your family may have about activities they would like to do, places they’d like to eat or maybe a show they want to see. Either way always be open to what they wanna do too. That is what will make the vacation a hit for everyone. Also, check out our link to Mastering Money Talk in your Marriage. It will help you have a better understanding and approach when those pesky super uncomfortable money fights start brewing…

5. Don’t forget the memories.

Make all the memories you can with the people that mean the most to you. Take too many pictures, eat at expensive restaurants, stay at the hotel that costs wayyy too much! Do all the things that you try to avoid on an average day because that will be the things you are gonna look back on and instead of saying “I wished we hadn’t spent so much” you’ll be saying “Man I had the time of my life”!!!! Those sweet precious moments will last a lifetime. You will have no regrets because you will know that you lived life to the fullest and didn’t not do that thing you really wanted to do. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting your memories. Do spur of the moment things because those are the most fun! Take in every single bit of your vacation and the time with your family, trust me when I say making the most of it is a HUGE deal, it is especially when you finally return to “normal life”.

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Have a great vacation guys!

Scott & Bethany

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