5 Helpful Financial Tips During Covid-19 Times….

Wow… Times are a little tough right now – between this nasty Coronavirus going around, people losing their jobs and some states being under a Shelter in Place order, it seems like there is no end in sight. One minute we are living a normal life ( whatever that looks like for you) and then BAM life as we know it becomes utter chaos. We struggle with different things such as our money and ultimately find ourselves lashing out at our significant other, because we have little to no money to get by. Then we begin to worry about things like paying our bills, buying the “essential” items we need and also the BIG question arises  “how long is this gonna last”!? It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed in the midst of everything, especially during these Covid-19 times. Whew… if we are being honest, it can be down right emotionally draining  and exhausting if we let it right!? 

Well….We have some great news to share with you. Scott & I (Bethany) recently did an article for Focus on The Family  with 5 awesome and useful tips that can be beneficial to get you pointed in the right direction during this Covid-19 pandemic. Scott and I understand all too well the effect this virus has on you and your families and WE WANT TO HELP! These tips not only will help you budget what money you do have but it will also give you a better understanding on how to approach certain situations when you’re unsure. We want to encourage you to be positive and look forward to what lies ahead for your future as you incorporate these practical tips into your everyday life. You can check it out here! We don’t know what’s going to happen in the days to come but what we can tell you is, it will make it easier and less stressful to have a plan of action for your families finances. Hey! Just remember every little bit counts… 


Scott & Bethany Palmer

The Money Couple

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