Should You Give Money To Your Adult Child?
give money to your adult child

Parenting is a lifelong commitment. The long days and nights when they are little. The rocky teen years. And the coaching, counseling, and care that continues even when “the nest” is empty. Most parents of post-college-aged kids will tell you, their “children” still have a lot to learn about life, “adulting”, and money management. Teaching […]

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Your Kids Can Be Generous. Here’s how.
kids can be generous

Here’s an idea we received from one of our readers that we couldn’t resist passing along. It reminds us that kids can be generous. Just yesterday our kids took some money they had been saving for a few months and used it to buy an assortment of hats, gloves, and socks. My husband and I […]

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10 Ways to Guarantee You’ll Pay Your Child’s Bills Forever
pay your child's bills forever

Does an “empty nest” equal an empty bank account? It doesn’t have to. But a nationwide trend shows over two-thirds of parents over the age of 50 financially supported a child older than 21 in the last five years.  The practice is so common psychologists named this period of extended child dependency “emerging adulthood.” This […]

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Is My Child Entitled? 5 Ways To Know
is my child entitled

Once upon a time, parents feared their children wouldn’t have enough. Now we fear our kids have way too much. You want to give your child every advantage you never had, but where is the line between investing in their growth and happiness and raising an entitled brat? “Reprinted from original article in Your Tango“

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3 Tips to Turn your Kids into Saving Machines
kids into saving

3 Tips to Turn your Kids into Saving Machines –
According to our research one third of America has a Primary Saver Money Personality (not to mention one third of you have Saver as your Secondary Money Personality). That’s the good news! The flip side of that is that two thirds of us don’t. The old saying “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” is easier for some of us to embrace than others. After all, statistically, we are only saving 4.5% of our income for retirement. That’s the adults. Now what about our kids? How do we turn our kids into Saving Machines no matter what their Money Personalities are. (By the way, we are working on a new Money Personality Assessment for kids. Stay tuned!)

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