Why Date Night is so Important!!!!

The Top 3 Excuses Date Nights Don’t Happen! And 3 Tips To Make ‘em start! So Date Nights aren’t happening.  That’s right – the more couples we ask the more excuses we hear.  We know, we know when you hear date night you think googly eyes and a romantic dinner. Question?  Is that what Date […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Relationship Isn’t Working
why your relationship isn't working

We’ve all run into problems in our relationships. When you’re going through a rough patch with your partner, it can be hard to see the reasons why your relationship isn’t working. Luckily, we have a list of common problems you can do something about today to start getting your relationship back on track. Is one […]

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Feel Better About Your Money Decisions Today!
feel better about your money decisions

Every day involves some type of money decision – eat out or brown bag, premium fuel or regular, donate to a worthy cause or pass, allowance for the kids or not. The decisions are endless. And if you’re making those decisions with a spouse, the odds that you see eye-to-eye on 100% of those decisions […]

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3 Fun Ways to Spark Romance

The pressures of life and work create a challenging environment for romance, don’t they? Making time for date nights is hard. We get it. Let us help you put the spark back into your romance. Think back to when you first fell in love with one another. You couldn’t wait to spend time together—long walks […]

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Improve Your Money Conversations NOW!
money, prenup

You’ve been dating and are starting to be filled with hope and excitement as you think about your future together. Where will you live? What kind of family will you have? What kind of adventures will you experience How would you handle your money as a couple? If one of those things doesn’t seem to […]

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Would Your Spouse Say You’re “Money Mean”?
you're money mean

Use this checklist to see He said. She said. He’s wrong. I’m right. Finger pointing can quickly turn into finger poking when money is involved. Lots of spouses fight about money. In fact, divorced couples say “money” ruined their relationships more than any other factor.

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Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving
donate to charity

Do you and your significant other have tension related to giving to charities? That’s right – giving. We want to share with you Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving. This is what we hear: “The fact that he gives the panhandler on the street corner $5 makes me nuts!” or this, “The fact that she just […]

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What it takes! Olympic Swim Team
what it takes

I (Bethany) want to share some thoughts I had the last couple of weeks watching our athletes compete in the Olympics in London. They have got what it takes! Some of you know that I was a competitive swimmer growing up…ranked in the top 10 nationally. I recently came across an old article from that […]

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