Improve Your Money Conversations NOW!
money, prenup

You’ve been dating and are starting to be filled with hope and excitement as you think about your future together. Where will you live? What kind of family will you have? What kind of adventures will you experience How would you handle your money as a couple? If one of those things doesn’t seem to […]

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Getting an F in Marriage? How to Get an A Today!
F in Marriage

This article originally appeared in Your Tango While our kids are eagerly anticipating summer vacation, parents considering a divorce are going back to school. Oklahoma lawmakers signed a bill requiring divorcing couples with children under the age of 18 to complete a mandatory educational program. We guess parents are not going to be thrilled about […]

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Would Your Spouse Say You’re “Money Mean”?
you're money mean

Use this checklist to see He said. She said. He’s wrong. I’m right. Finger pointing can quickly turn into finger poking when money is involved. Lots of spouses fight about money. In fact, divorced couples say “money” ruined their relationships more than any other factor.

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The Lopsided Money Relationship?
lopsided money relationship

A couple of weeks ago we were walking off the Denver Everyday TV show set. Chris Parente, the host of the show, suggested we give tips to couples who have a big difference in the amount of money they each make. We LOVE hearing your Money Relationship Questions!

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Don’t Cancel Your Date Night!
date night

3 Ways to Heat Up Your Relationship!
Ok, we get it! Making time for date nights is hard especially with all the commitments and pressures of life and work. But we also have to remember that we fell in love with one another because we spent quality time together. We went on adventures, went to movies, and had long walks in the park. All of these experiences contributed to why we fell in love in the first place.

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3 Ways to stop a “Money Nag”
money nag

Who likes to be nagged? Not us! According to a new study out of the University of Copenhagen, nagging can actually be the cause of premature death. The study goes on to say that couples who are in high stress relationships because of nagging spouses are two to three times more likely to “kick the […]

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Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving
donate to charity

Do you and your significant other have tension related to giving to charities? That’s right – giving. We want to share with you Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving. This is what we hear: “The fact that he gives the panhandler on the street corner $5 makes me nuts!” or this, “The fact that she just […]

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3 Tips to Survive a Financial Tragedy Together
survive financial tragedy

Recently, Jerry lost his job. Shortly after that, his wife, Suzie, lost hers. Their bills were piling up. Their home was about to be foreclosed. Tragedy struck big time. Call it a crisis or tragedy – it will happen. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” How do you work through the unexpected tragedy […]

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3 T’s to Stop the Money Fights This Year
stop the money fights this year

We have all heard the standard answers to preventing money fights: Get a budget, talk about it, stop spending! If these were working we would see couples with blissful day-to-day money talk. Those ideas aren’t bad, they just don’t work. We are done, we mean done, with money fights hurting our relationships, marriages and kids. […]

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Money Differences With Your Spouse?
Money Differences With Your Spouse

Do money differences with your spouse cause a lot of tension? More money does not equal more happiness in your relationship as stated in a recent study. It is important to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your relationship and money. Most of us assume that our budget, retirement plan, and cash flow […]

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Tell Your Spouse the Money is Running Out
the Money is Running Out

I was sitting down with a friend the other day who is in a very committed relationship. He was crying in his beer – literally. His girlfriend, who he loves, is bleeding him dry. She is not a gold digger, in any way, she just loves to spend and he is trying to keep up with all […]

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What Dishes Taught Me About Love
dishes taught me about love

We love what Jeff Goins is doing in his “Slow Down” challenge.  He is encouraging people to stop, smell the roses, and go deeper in their relationships.  We completely agree. And we would like to add our Money Couple two cents: Stop. Slow down. Think about – don’t just react – to your honey’s Money Personalities.

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We Can Stop Divorce
we can stop divorce

We get the opportunity to talk to a lot of great people across the nation – young and old, rich and poor. And all kinds of folks are telling us, “We’re sick of divorce.” People are tired of the pain and destruction caused by divorce. It hurts our children through tension, fighting, and fear. Divorce […]

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