Why Date Night is so Important!!!!

The Top 3 Excuses Date Nights Don’t Happen! And 3 Tips To Make ‘em start!

So Date Nights aren’t happening.  That’s right – the more couples we ask the more excuses we hear.  We know, we know when you hear date night you think googly eyes and a romantic dinner. Question?  Is that what Date Night is about?  Are they crucial to keep the romance alive?  After all the “I do” has already been said, right? 

We will go out on a limb and say – if you don’t make Date Nights happen and the romance alive you won’t have a marriage for long.  That’s right – one of you will get bored and one will want to walk away.

After all, romance builds by spending time together and date nights are one of the ways to secure it.

One lady told us…we don’t have that kind of time.  Our response – you will have a whole lot of time if you aren’t married.  EEEEKKKKS!

We don’t claim to be the relationship know-it-alls. Is our relationship perfect?  No way – but date night has been a “non-negotiable” for us. And we didn’t know why others didn’t see the massive positive impact that we experienced. So we decided to study it.

So after chatting with lots of couples – The no Date Night excuses fell into 3 common categories. Can you see yourself in any of them? If so – read on and get some “turn it around” tips to get your Date Nights on track.

Excuse # 1: I See This Person Everyday… 

Of course, you see this person each and every day.  At least we hope so. But when you are in the routine of life, the discussion usually ends up being all talk about scheduling and kids.  Date night gives you the opportunity to connect on fun subjects and create experiences for you to talk about other than the boring schedule and what the kids are up to. Get out of the house, get out of the routine, get out of the same ol’, same ol’ and discover why you wanted to marry your honey in the first place. 

TIP:  Start slow – once a month but make it predictable and dependable – like every 1st Friday of the month.        

Excuse # 2: I Am Way Too Tired… 

UHHHH…. We all know how super busy weeks wear you out. you are just to darn tired to do anything. Listen up guys and gals, even if you feel super duper tired and really don’t feel like going out or doing anything, DO IT ANYWAY!!! There is something about dressing up a little, putting on some nice perfume or cologne and getting out of the rut. You will be amazed at how your “second wind” will kick in.

TIP:  Don’t schedule date nights on days you know you will be tired.  Saturday nights work well for us because we aren’t tired from our exhausting days. For some, it may be a different night each week.  Get your calendar out and schedule your next Date Night at the end of your next one. This will keep you on track.  

Excuse # 3: We Don’t Have Time… 

Time is something we don’t feel like we have a lot of these days. When you have work or kid care scheduled throughout the day and then you are busy at night with kids sports, school or church activities – WOW – it gets to be too much. Here is where you have to decide priorities.  Maybe you need to get off that one board you are on or say no to a commitment. Make your relationship top priority.

TIP:  Go on a walk together and decide if there is too much on your plate. If so, then decide what you are going to say “NO” to in order to be more available for each other

There you have it – 3 excuses and 3 tips to get over ‘em.  

We came across this article that listed some fun date night ideas to get your juices flowin’.


Got any other “no Date Night excuses” you’ve heard and how to tackle ‘em? We would love to hear ‘em.  Be sure to email us at [email protected].  

Happy Dating Peeps!

Scott & Bethany

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